Rivers Of Bihar

The network of the great river Ganga with its tributaries forming the rich greenery with cultivated and forest lands. The silvery banks of Ganga with its wide spread of cerulean flow along the Patna to Bhagalpur stretch offers an awesome view to the traveller. Other main rivers are
  • Bagmati – This trans border river through Nepal is believed as holy among Hindus and the cremation next to it is regarded auspicious for the deceased.
  • Gandak – A major tributary of Ganga. In the course of this river a gorge known as Kali Gandaki formed between the mountains Dhaulgiri and Annapurna is the deepest gorge of the world. Valmiki Nagar national Park and the Tiger reserve is located at the bank of this river.
  • Ghaghra – originates in Tibet near Manas Sarovar and the main tributary river Sarayu.
  • Phalgu River- Rvered as a holy river by the Hindus this river flows by the Gaya district of Bihar and draws lot of Hindu pilgrims to the sacred spot at Gaya. In the ancient texts this river is mentioned as Niranjana River. The water flows below the ground level and only the stretch of sandy surface is visible from the top of the riverbed. Thus there are lot of mythical tales regarding the river.
  • Karmanasha River- Originates from Bihar’s Kaimur district and is a tributary to Ganga.
  • Koshi River – is the largest tributaries of Ganga. The main tributaries are Kamala and Budhi Gandak
  • Son River – one of the largest rivers of India it is the southern tributary of Ganga. Indrapuri Barrage on Son located in Dehri is one of the longest dams of India that supplies to a large section with irrigation water.
  • Mahananda River
  • Punpun
  • Sapt Koshi
  • Bhutahi Balan