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Nearest Airport: Patna/110Kms
Nearest Railway Station: Rajgir/1Km
Name: Gautam Vihar, Nalanda-803 152.
Types of Rooms: AC Room, Deluxe Room, Dormitory Beds.
Facilities: Restaurant, CTV, Conference Hall, Coach/Car Parking, Laundry
Telephone: 06112-255273

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   Son Bhandar
District - Nalanda
City - Rajgir
Circuit – Jain and Archaeological
About / Importance -

At the southern side of the Vaibhara hill facing the west there are two adjacent rock-cut caves which were originally double storied. Engravings of Jain Tirthankaras are found on the walls of the caves. The popular myth goes as that this place was the gold treasury of king Bimbisara, thus the name of the place. There is a doorway and windows at this rock cut cave.
At the interior of the cave there are six small figures of Jain Tirthankaras carved in relief and representing Padmaprabha, Parshvanatha and Mahavira.