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Nearest Airport: Patna/110Kms
Nearest Railway Station: Rajgir/1Km
Name: Gautam Vihar, Nalanda-803 152.
Types of Rooms: AC Room, Deluxe Room, Dormitory Beds.
Facilities: Restaurant, CTV, Conference Hall, Coach/Car Parking, Laundry
Telephone: 06112-255273

   Maniar Math
District - Nalanda
City - Rajgir
Circuit – Archaeological and Jain and Buddhist

About / Importance - One of the most important archaeological sites that have been excavated at Rajgir is Maniar Math. This is also a site with which multiple layers of religious legends are associated. The architectural feature of which has a rare kind of association of the local pantheon of cult of Naga (snake). The name ‘Mani Naga’ (the Bejewelled Snake) was found inscribed over a deified Naga (snake) sculpture found in this site. Before the site was excavated a Jain temple named Maniar Math was situated on top of the mound.

View & Feel -
The unique structure of this site reveals two segments with one cylindrical well like structure at the centre and a walled platform structure built around it. The stucco badly damaged images on the wall space have become difficult to recognise properly. It appears from the excavated remains that through the passage of time different religious sects like the Nagas, Hindus, Buddists and Jains have made this a significant place of worship.