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   Jamia Rahamani Khanqah
District - Munger
Circuit - Sufi

About & Importance- Easily accessible from NH 80 in Munger town off Bari Bazar Road this Mosque was established by the eminent Sufi saint Hazrat Maulana Mohammad Ali Mungeri way back in 1901. Since then the organisation has contributed immensely to social welfare, national freedom movement of India under British rule, educational and health sphere. Illustrious personalities like Mahatma Gandhi,Jawaharlal Nehru, Maulana Ali Jauhar, A.P.J.Abdul Kalam has visited this place.

View & Feel – At the entrance of the mosque a clean shallow water tank surrounded with concrete seats for washing feet s of the devotees before entering the mosque silently states the importance of purity and hygiene. The institute has developed into an educational centre till the level of post-graduation. Besides teaching the Islamic lessons it also assists students to follow the main-stream practical courses like Chartered Accountancy, Medical etc. Health camps for the welfare of the poor are also organised routinely. Kitub Khana, the two storied library building is a gem of the institute with its rare collections of manuscripts and books. As per the beliefs of ‘Deo Bandhi’, the holy graves of the saints lay under open grass cover with a chaste solemnity.