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District - Kaimur
City / Area- Across Son river on Mundeshwari Hill
Circuit – Hindu

About / Importance – This temple is a protected monument under ASI since 1915 and according to ASI the time of construction dates back to 635 AD. It is considered the oldest functional temple of India. Most of the structure have been destroyed and currently gathered around the temple in huge heaps. The Four- Faced Shivlinga at the centre of the sanctum sanctorum but the presiding goddess deity Mundeshwari is placed at one of the niche of this octagonal temple. A road is built almost till the base of the temple at the top of the hill to facilitate the devotees reaching by vehicle.

View & Feel –The Mundeshwari hill emerges on the horizon beyond the wide field as the temple is approached. As it is a place of Sakti, the devotees were used to offer animal sacrifice earlier. However, the animal sacrifice is no more legal but the devotees still bring the animals for offerings and take them back, after taking the blessings of the mother goddess.