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District - Bhagalpur
NH / SH / Road / Area – near Sultanganj, 39 km from Bhagalpur
Landmark – at the Bank of Ganga
Circuit – Hindu

About / Importance – This is a very revered Shiva temple for the Hindus. It is believed to be built around 16th century by Harinath Bharati. In the Shravan festival lacks of people visit the temple and collect the Ganga water to proceed further to Deoghar (Shiva temple in present Jharkhand) to offer the same. The myth of river Ganga being seized here by a curse of the sage Janhu and later getting released by the penance performed by king Bhagirath makes this place an important pilgrimage. The rocky island is known as Jahngira meaning ‘the hill of Jahnu’ derives the name from this myth.

View & Feel –There is a long causeway that connects the mainland with the island rock on which the cluster of shrines is entwined along with the seemingly floating rock. The asymmetric irregular structure that almost feels like a hedge while climbing up and down around the shrines of Shiva, Vishnu, Kali and other deities, are built on the rocks. There are some remarkable old rock carvings of Varah Avatar, Ganesha, the Buddha and other deities on the backside of the hillock.