Art Of Bihar

The rich and prosperous history of Bihar has promoted the music, dance, paintings and crafts throughout generations. The various folk cultures form a unique style of performance and genre which originates or have been imbibed within the regional pattern. The spiritual music of the Bhajaniayas and Kirtaniyas are quite popular during religious events of the Hindus. The classical music was also nurtured in the region with the regular exchange of artists and performers from neighbouring areas of Lucknow, Benaras and Delhi. During social and religious functions such performing events were a commonplace and the local zamindars and nawabs were great patrons of the artists. The great Shehnai player Ustad Bismillah Khan belonged to Bihar and his forefathers were court musicians in the princely state of Bhojpur.

The other distinctive folk musics are Sohar, Sumangali, Ropni geet & Katnee geet, Chaita, Hori etc. which are related to scial, religious and cultivation festivals. The craft of Bihar also developed its own style. The tourists can buy souvenirs of these crafts available in the local markets. Wooden work and carvings, clay pottery, Bamboo work, sikki work, Brass work, Tikuli work zari work and Laquer works items are amongst the ethnic crafts of the state. In Patna a typical style of painting known as Qalaam painting became popular around the 20th century depicting contemporary social events and common man’s life.